“The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Perilous Journey” Review


benedict society

“The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Perilous Journey” is a book by Trenton Lee Stewart, published by Little Brown and Company. This is the second book in the series and it is even better than the first which is saying a lot. This book is about the same four children, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance, as they journey across the world to save their mentor and good friend, Mr. Benedict. The kids find out about Mr. Benedict’s abduction when they are supposed to meet up with him for a treasure hunt. This is how they start their latest perilous journey.

The treasure hunt was set up so the children would meet with two chaperones and then they would search for Mr. Benedict based on a series of clues that he left them. When they meet up with the chaperones to start the hunt, the children find out Mr. Benedict is missing. The children had to embark on their own to find Mr. Benedict because the chaperones thought it was too dangerous. In their search, the children encounter more clues and some past enemies. In the end, they overcome these obstacles and save Mr. Benedict from the clutches of the Sender, the villain from book one, who has locked up Mr. Benedict. When he is saved, Mr. Benedict congratulates the children for the obstacles they have overcome and how they saved his life, all on their own.

Part of the reason I liked this book is because I enjoy reading mysteries and adventures. This book combines the suspense and cleverness of a mystery, but still has fun, action-filled adventure. Another plus of reading this series of books is the suspense about what will happen next and what kind of danger these kids will face. The one thing I did not like was that once again the book was too long. In my opinion, it included many small details that did not really contribute to the story. I think the same powerful book could have been written in significantly less pages. This author is meticulous and doesn’t leave a detail out but that can be tiring for the reader. Overall, I give this book five stars. Even though it was a little long, I still highly recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries or adventures.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, or at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. This book is an adventurous must-read, and deserves a five star review.


Opposites Attract


Opposites are they so different?

They fit together so well – like the violin and drum

Two opposites make a better whole

They are so different yet still attract.


For all the negative there is a positive

with no negative there is no positive

they need each other for a good and bad

or no one would have any emotion at all.


A symphony and a rock concert

Symphony smooth and slow, rock is hard and fast

But they need each other for a medium

otherwise people wouldn’t be able to enjoy the smooth or jagged music


Opposites the foundations of fun,

they need each other for harmony and happiness

without opposites cooperation and happiness would never answer the call

this makes me wonder,

How different are opposites after all?



“The Mysterious Benedict Society” Review



The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book by Trenton Lee Stewart, published by Little, Brown and Company, and is a extraordinary read! It is about a group of kids, led by Mr. Benedict, who come together to stop an evil man called The Sender. To choose the four kids on his team, Mr. Benedict puts them through a series of tests. All of the kids selected by Mr. Benedict have something in common. They are all orphans, are quite bright and resourceful, and share a strong love of the truth.

Mr. Benedict tells the chosen children that someone has been sending messages through television and the radio. The messages are subconsciously conveyed to children who then convey the messages to their parents. The messages are growing stronger and he thinks they will soon be able to travel right into people’s minds without a filter. Mr. Benedict warns the kids that something called the improvement is coming and the Sender will be strengthening his messages. The kids are then sent to work at the Sender’s institute and to spy on his work.  They end up moving up in the ranks and earning the Sender’s trust.  As a result, they are selected to use his seducing machine to send the messages. The day before the scheduled improvement to the machine, the kids thwart the Sender’s plan and discombobulate his machine. The kids get away safely with Mr. Benedict to live another day. The book ends ominously, hinting to multiple books in this series.

I liked this book because it had an interesting plot and each chapter left you wondering. With all the suspense, you want to know what is about to happen making it hard to peel your eyes away from the book. This book is the first in a series, making the reader want to learn about it as much as possible and read every book. One thing I disliked about this book was the fact that it was so long, almost 500 pages. The book would have still contained the same amount of information with fifty less pages. Every detail, even though not necessary, had something to do with the story.

Overall, the book was very compelling and a must read. I would give this book five stars.  I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys suspense and mystery. You can purchase this book at: Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble in stores and online.



Fear is something that everyone feels,

Whether they like it or not,

Fear is something you can’t escape,

No matter where you go it stalks you.

But not all fear is bad,

Fear can drive people to do good things,

There is no reasoning without fear,

Fear is just as good as bad,

So if you can’t escape it try and embrace it.


Refugee Book Review



Refugee is a book by Alan Gratz, published by Scholastic Inc., and is a great read! Refugee is a book about three different kids traveling to different countries seeking refuge. It is full of adventure and overcoming hardship.

The first story is a about a Jewish boy and his family trying to escape Nazi Germany by boat. This story starts off when Nazis ransack the boy’s house and take his dad to a concentration camp. The boy helps his dad escape the Nazis by fleeing to Cuba with other Jews seeking refuge. During the boat ride the boy’s family realizes the concentration camp had made the dad demented. The story follows the family as they try to find a country that will take them.  They face many challenges as they try to go to different countries.  The boy and his family have to make some difficult choices along the way.

The second story is about a girl trying to escape Cuba with her mother, father, and her friend’s family. People had been rioting in Cuba so Fidel Castro said anybody could leave Cuba by boat and try to head to Florida. That was when these two families tried to make it out of Cuba once and for all. The girl’s friend’s dad had built a boat that they could all travel on to get to America. The girl’s mother was pregnant when they started to leave for Miami and was expecting to have the baby in a week She wanted to have her baby in America. They face many challenges at sea, including trouble with their boat, a near miss with a tanker, and other trouble.  Finding America is more difficult that they thought.

The third story is about a boy from Syria in 2016 trying to escape and find refuge in Germany. The story starts with the boy coming home from school one day and his apartment is hit by a bomb. The boy and the rest of his family barely make it out alive before the building falls. The parents decide to leave that night with the boy and his brother on their long trip to Germany. The family drives to Greece to be taken by boat to Athens, were they find a bandit to help them cross the Mediterranean by dinghy. When they get to the dingy they notice that there are probably thirty refugees on a dingy meant to hold six people. The journey is very dangerous.

My favorite part about this book was how the main characters in each story worked with their families to overcome obstacles.  Another thing I liked was that all of the main characters are linked in some way, such as a refugee from Cuba to America was part of the refugee section from Nazi Germany.  The grandmother from 2016 Syria was in one part of the story about escaping Nazi Germany.  I also liked that there is a lot of adventure  and there are many suspenseful situations.   That helped keep me interested in the book.

The main thing I did not like about the book is that the three different stories alternate every chapter.  While they have a common theme, I found it harder to follow the stories when the book jumped between each story.  I would rather it be three whole separate stories.

Overall, the book was interesting and I learned some things about geography and history. I would give this book four and a half stars.   You can purchase this book at: Scholastic.com, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble in stores and online.


Hurricane Irma Reflection



About a week before Hurricane Irma struck everybody at school was nervous but also excited that we would get some days off. I was more excited than nervous because I didn’t think the hurricane would hit us and if it did, I didn’t think it hit us would do much damage. A few days before the hurricane my dad said my mom and I should leave but he would stay.  I did not want to leave him, so we waited until the next day. I didn’t want to leave my dad and was worried that if we decided to go what would happen to him? The next day the forecast was showing it as hitting us directly. We started to pack our bags and decided to leave that night. At the end of the day, we watched the forecast and it showed it was going to the west so we decided to wait another night . The next morning it was showing Irma not hitting near us at all so we decided to stay and ride out the storm in our house.

At 5am the day the storm hit we lost power and didn’t have power the rest of the day.  I had downloaded two movies the day before and watched both of them 3 times before the day was over. I had planned on the hurricane being way scarier as a category 4, so I didn’t think much about the relatively small gusts.  The worst part was sleeping without air conditioning because you start sweating and its impossible to fall asleep. Eventually, you are so tired it doesn’t matter.

The day after our power went out and the storm was completely gone we had to help chop the limbs off a ficus tree that had fallen into and blocked the road. I was glad that the storm was over but i was still a little anxious about my family’s loss of power.  We had been doing that until around 12:00 when I came inside and tried to turn a light on by habitIt worked! My family was very fortunate considering how fast our power came back on. Most of the people I knew hadn’t gotten power back when I did. Most got power back around 3 days after me. This was my first major near-miss with a hurricane. I was relieved and happy when it was over.